Thursday, November 20, 2008

Awwww ...

It's one of the nicest things anyone has done for me in ages. And I have a lot of great friends that do really nice things for me! Honestly. My friends write me notes, give me gifts, call to see how life is going, make my dinner for me, send surprises in the mail. Stuff like that on a regular basis. I'm so spoiled. And when it's not one of my girlfriends being sweet, it's my mom and dad or my kids being wonderful and helpful.

I mentioned before about the book study this fall. It ended last week. I loved the ladies that were in it. Some I've known for years, others for just months. It was such a treat to hang out with them for 8 weeks. I encouraged them to bring a hand project each week if they were of the sort. About half of them were always stitching away at something. Like me, they find virtually no time to make things at home and what a treat to have two hours a week to plug away on an old project they never thought they would finish (or there was the new-fad sock knitting corner). One of my friends worked on a beautiful knitted scarf week after week. A project she had started a long time ago and was so excited to finish. Pretty colors, fancy yarn, cable knit etc. A scarf she picked out to actually make for herself! A rare treat coming to fruition. This friend has six kids under the age of 10 ... so she was hopeful about finishing this scarf and mentioned that she might put away her knitting needles until her kids are older after the project was finished.

On Sunday there was the coolest wrapped present in my box. Brown paper with a floofy bow. Inside ... the scarf. She gave it to me! I couldn't believe it. I wanted to give it back to her ... not because I didn't love it but it was too big of present after watching her work at it for so long and knowing that she might hang up her knitting needles and when will she ever get to knit another one for herself? It represents a bit of our journey together studying the grace of God in our daily lives. The study was huge for both of us. Thank you, Cindy. I still can't believe you gave it to me.

I'm wearing the scarf in the picture. Brett's been re-learning guitar lately. I love my husband.

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Marie said...

Cindy is awesome!! What a sweet, sweet friend. And what a lovely remembrance of your time, devotion and heart for the book study. Oh! How our Savior tenderly cares for us.