Friday, November 21, 2008

The Piano Girl

I was doing school with Mia. Ania (age 3.5) was playing the piano. A pretty tune. Concentrating like she does. Playing the same tune over and over ... like she often does. Then I realized that it wasn't just a made up tune. It was a song we sing; a song I've been teaching her. A section from the hymn Come Thou Almighty King. Do you know the part "Father all glorious, O'er all victorious"? She was playing that over and over. It was perfect-the timing, the notes. This isn't the first time she's done something rather amazing on the piano, but it is the first time she's picked out a song.

Even when she was two she would sit at the piano for up to two hours a day playing pretty tunes. Not pounding, but playing. Proper hand position. A pattern in the left hand and a tune in the right hand. Quarter and eighth notes. Scales. Little songs she would come back later and play again. Lots of times I have thought Alissa was making up a tune and come around the corner and found Ania playing. It happens often, like today, when we all stop what we're doing, raise our eyebrows and listen. Wow, Ania. You go, girl.


Annie said...

Wow, so you're going to have a touring concert pianist AND a bestselling author (Mia) someday! Will they do free concerts and book signings for friends? Maybe I should get their autographs now and sell them on Ebay in a few years for thousands of bucks! :)
I still remember Ania bursting into song when we were watching Emma that night. I've never heard a little kid who can sing so on-key and make up such melodious tunes herself. You are amazing, Ania!

Marie said...

Ania is amazing- a great dancer, a brilliant pianist. We can only imagine where God will take her. :o) We have Chris set up his recording stuff and get a recording: Ania-the early years.