Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cold Wash, Tumble Dry on Low

Its been the talk over here for a very long time. And we were actually in rare, unanimous agreement that something had to be done. But precious issues need careful planning and this required the utmost in caution. The potential for disaster was dangerously high. And the ripple effect of the worst case scenario could go on and reach into the deepest recesses of certain vulnerable hearts. The said problem? Adam needed a bath. He had one, Brett remembers it, years ago. But we reached a point of critical mass, I'm just not sure when. Adam had holes and thread bare areas. What would become of him if we tossed him in the wash machine? Would he even make it out alive? So, I did what any good mother of 6 children would do. I sent him to grandma's house. "Mom, Adam needs a bath. But he needs some more stuffing and stitching up also. Oh ... and we'll need pictures to scrapbook." A few hours later, after I had a restful afternoon, home came the new Adam. He looked like a million bucks! He was in a great mood and smelled good for the first time in ... well, years.
It's a little embarrassing to post the above picture... And as you can see he's a touch traumatized.
Adam had a little relax in the clean water before phase 4. (Phase 1: stuffing. Phase 2: stitching. Phase 3: washing.)

Phase 4 was a little tough on him, but he made it.

Phase 5 made the whole ordeal worth while.


Dragonfly said...

Adam looks, well, AMAZING! Way to be brave to all involved. He looks like a much happier Adam and ready to go on many more adventures with his sweet Mia.

Anonymous said...

I love Adrienne

Abbie said...

"a touch traumatized"

Oh my word...the picture of the water is PRICELESS!