Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Bobby Rocks!

It dawned on me the other day that Collin's sixteenth birthday was just a few days away ... and that I'm the mom ... and that I'm supposed to make a party. I don't have a lot of experience throwing boy parties. Girls are so easy. You get a bunch of girls together and they start talking and giggling and ten hours later they would still be talking and giggling. You always know they are having fun. Boys just sort of look at each other. I figured that the party should be outdoors ... as any sensible mother of teen boys would know. So, with help from two of his friends, we devised a great plan. Collin was picked up this morning to go mountain biking with two of his friends. The other guys were up on Galbraith when they got there. Surprise! They biked for a couple hours and met us down at the park for pizza and pop. Only we forgot the paper cups. He has such great friends. Really, some of the best kids this side of the Mississippi.

A picture of the birthday boy. Hair and all. I love his long hair! I remember feeling a little trepidatious about having a boy before he was born. Boys are so rowdy and noisy and messy. I knew I had serious limitations in dealing with those areas. I remember praying and asking God for a certain type of boy. A boy kind of like Brett was when he was little. A boy that was all boy ... but not a terror. A boy that would climb on things, but maybe not climb the walls. A boy that wouldn't be very hard to actually like. I cannot tell you how much I love this boy! He is the perfect son for me. He is everything I wished for and a hundred times better. He is all boy ... but he couldn't be sweeter at the same time. You should see him with his sisters. They are so unreasonable to him ... and on a daily basis. I watch with amazement as he handles them in their fragility. Not a day goes by when I don't think, "Wow. He is going to make the best husband some day." But don't tell him I said so.


Abbie said...

Happy birthday to Bobby!!

GREAT pictures, btw. What a handsome group of guys. ;)

tara said...

That is so fun, Kristine! I am excited for older boy birthday parties someday! Boys sure are a different special than girls! I love it!