Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School Tomorrow

First day of school for Ania, Mia, and Alissa tomorrow morning! (It was moved a day late due to the strike last week.) We met Ani's first grade teacher today at the Meet & Greet. Loved her. All the first graders in the cul de sac are in the same class. We also met Mia's teacher. Loved her. Mia is one of 11 fourth grade kids in a 4th/5th grade mixed class, along with Mia's friend across the driveway (look out world, the two of them together are magnets for trouble...or at least dirt). One of Mia's friend's from last year is in her class too. The two of them competed in good humor all year for top grades in the class. We were glad to see him take the seat next to her.

Alissa got her schedule last week at the sophomore orientation. She has great classes! Tenth grade English, German, World History, Honors Chemistry, Forensics, & Algebra 2. She catches the bus at 7:09AM when she doesn't have to be there at 6AM for dryland workouts 3 days a week. She's been swimming with the team for over two weeks already. She is about to be rather busy.

The problematic thing is that her unbusyness this summer (spare the fact that she's worked tons!) has totally covered my undoable schedule. In two weeks when I start school I'm not sure how we're going to quite do it. Maybe mom's property issues will be solved and the moving projects completed and angels will come in the night to cook and clean.

I packed the first bento box lunches tonight. My friend turned me onto it, gave me a quick tutorial the other day, took me shopping, and wa-la...first day of school makeshift bento box lunches. I was making it for Mia and Ania and Alissa walked by and asked me to make one for her too. They're kindof lame as far as bento boxes really go...I was tired and couldn't get the rice to pack together and I don't have any books with examples and had no creativity coming so I figured it was close enough. It is my first try, and who knows, maybe my last, but if you never try to do something fun...how boring is that. And for me, if I do the time/energy math I always come up in the red, so I just turn a blind eye to reality and do it anyway, hoping that it all works out somehow in the end. Which is usually does.

Alissa gave me a 10PM curfew tonight, which it is. Good-night!


Cindy P said...

oh my goodness, that lunch is simply adorable! i don't know how you do it! really! wish i could dream up a nanny mcfee or a mary poppins to come live with you for a semister or two....lol- but really, i am praying for you and trust that someone will step in and help. (ahem, need to get on some freezer meals, myself!) :)

Marie said...

Your bento came out perfect. The girls will be so happy and be the coolest kids at school most certainly. Way to go!