Monday, September 5, 2011

Photo Tour of Sorts

 Collin moved out. A few days ago, really. But tonight is his first sleep at the guy house because he's been touring about in Montana instead of tending to life in the Ham. The three girls and I went over to see his new local. Here are a few images of the eventful event.

 Note the blue chair. The coveted blue chair. The everybody-wants-it blue chair. I bought this chair when I was pregnant with Collin. A comfy recliner rocker for babies. The kids all grew up loving this chair. They grew up to fight over this chair. Evidently, Collin won because this ultimate seat followed him to his new place. Most of the house isn't set up yet. He was going to get his room set up tonight.

 Guy shoes by the door.

 Faded beauty in the kitchen.

 Serious ability to annoy the neighbors.


 More weapons...threatening the photographer.


 Cool flowerlike thing in the front yard.

Pink. Sadly pink. Notice the cat...using their front flowerbed as a litter box. 

Five guys. Three bedrooms plus a garage bedroom. Good location. Pretty cheap rent. It's perfect.

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tara said...

Very cool place! Love the photo tour! And love the blue chair. We have a favorite blue chair too! It's the one that all the kids want to sit with me in when they are sad or day they will fight over who gets it, just like your kids!