Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Came, We Saw, We Sold Stuff

My beautiful girls. I adore these two.

A couple months ago we signed up to sell our handstamped copper necklaces at the Samish Island Art Festival. We've been looking forward to the day together for a long time. It turned out better than we hoped. 

 The necklaces we made. Mia helps color the letters and polish and wax the copper. I cut the copper out of sheets and sand the edges. I stamp the metal and make beads ready to go with them.

 Alissa. The brawny one in all things heavy. Set up the canopy. Carry the table. Look cute. Pick up the necklaces when the wind blows them over. Make rolly eyes about the old lady in a nearby booth that flirts with the old men. And you should see her shudder at the shamefully tacky crafts that are ever present at such events. The stuffed Christmas tree table centerpiece was my favorite.

My partner in crime. Money counter. Record keeper.  

 Surely one of the few hooded people on this sunny day.

 Not too hot. Perfect weather!

 When things were slow, we did what I'm sure everybody does in such German flashcards. We had a blast. Mia was so into it.


 Grandma, the ever present help. Trips to the bathroom. Trips to the beach. Maker of the p&j sandwiches. And of course, Aunt Caroline & Lakya came for a while...Uncle Tony & Aunt Sandra...cousin Gail. Samish Island is Clarkfamilyville.

Ania's favorite part was Cody coming to hang out. I wish I had a picture of her holding his hand walking around through all the booths looking at things. Then he bought her a soda. Awwww. Ania also loved the live music. Who knew a 6 year old could be so enraptured by a female barber shop choir? She kept coming to get us one at a time to go watch with her. She did really great all day except the part where she and Alissa were alone in the booth and she kept burping and saying, "stupid crap." Ahhhh...manners of the last child just don't come easily. 

We had a great day.


Jessica said...

Oooohh! How fun! I'm glad it was such a positive experience. :)

Hannah said...

GOOD. Glad it went off so smashingly! :)

Abbie said...

So, so cute! Great photography of the event...and I LOVE your new Jewelry tab! Awesome!