Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tupperware Fundraiser

My neighbor, Shari, and I have an unlikely friendship. Only a driveway separates our houses but we do almost all of our talking on the phone in five minute pieces. Between the two of us we have 9 kids and almost no windows of free time at the same time. She invites me everywhere and I never go...but she knows I want to. She thinks the world of my kids, imperfections and all. Alissa says that her baby is the cutest EVER white baby on the planet. Alissa, who really cannot stand babysitting, jumps at the opportunity to babysit Shari's kids for free! Shari is full of energy (she's a personal trainer and often goes running with her 4 kids on bikes or in the jogger and takes her dog AND our dog too!) and has a huge, huge heart. She's been through hard things. She spills out compassion for others that go through rough times. She recently approached me asking if she could have a  Tupperware Fundraiser for Alissa. She started selling Tupperware a few months ago and the company has a method of allowing consultants to raise 40% of party sales to go toward whoever they chose. Alissa has been working and earning and saving money to turn out for sports and pay all school related expenses next year at Squalicum and the proceeds of this fundraiser will go toward those fees, as well as team gear. We are hoping to have the money earned before practices start in August 22nd. 

The above link should take you to the page to shop online for Alissa's fundraiser. Thanks for looking! 

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