Thursday, June 9, 2011

In. In. In. In!

I got in! It's official. The letter came. Huge sigh of relief to know that I have a working, viable plan to be able to feed, clothe, and shelter my little people for the next decade or two! A brief sadness to say goodbye to my two plan Bs...copy editing and PT school. But super keen to be studying PTA stuff.

I settled on physical therapist assistant kind of the same way I settled on adopting from Korea and not Russia or China or all the other countries of the world (topic for a different blogpost). I wanted something in health care, but it couldn't be gross...I fail at graciously handling bodily excrements of any sort (go, Collin!). I wanted something I could work either part time or full time. Couldn't work night shifts with little kids home alone. I wanted to work with people primarily but paperwork is cool too. A job that could be applied in a variety of settings so I could change it up if I get a little bored later on. A nice balance, preferably, between boring and extremely stressful.  I wanted to go to some school, but probably not a ton. Needed to get into and out of school quickly, the sooner the better. And of course, the more money, the merrier.

I put in over one hundred hours of volunteer/job shadow time last quarter at a local physical therapy office and loved it. Completely wished I could go on to PT school rather than PTA. I would love to diagnose and write up treatment plans! I looked into it some and decided it could be a back-up plan to take out a home equity loan and hunker down for 5 years of school. Was almost hoping...but the practical, go-live-life side of me is relieved to have just 5 quarters in front of me instead. Then I can get done with it, get a job, and go on hikes and bike rides and driving trips and field trips and hang with my kids and play more Xbox.

My mom texted me and said, "finally something good happened." It feels like that. Life has been hard for a long time. Well, and I guess going to school full time while being a single mom doesn't exactly look easy...but it's definitely something good.
Ania's class walked to the library. 
She got her first library card!


Knitting the Moment said...

I can't find words that express how delighted, relieved, and just spitting happy I am for you, Friend. What a HUGE Dance-wherever-you-are kind of thing!!! You'll make and do it and do it well. Huge hugs.

Dani said...

Wahooooooooooo! So excited and relieved for you! Great job putting in all the hours and effort to get in. Love our amazing God Who leads you perfectly. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! And those first library cards are so cool. Badges of honor.

tara said...

Wow, wow, wow!!!! I am so glad you got good news!! It has been a long road, and I bet the relief of getting into the program feels amazing! Rejoicing with you!