Sunday, June 5, 2011

First, you need a fire.

 I've, oh-so, wanted a fire pit ever since we moved here. Today the fates saw to it to make it happen. Which is actually just a contrived, sort of dumb way of saying that we bought one! Well, first you have to know that I pressure washed the bottom patio. Actually, first you need to know that I pressure washed the swinging chair I got for free outside of someone's house a few weeks back. It was green and slimy and my mom had to bring my dad's truck down to get it moved to my house and my kids thought it was disgusting, which it was. But it won't be. Ok, never mind all of that. We'll stick with the fire pit story.

I had to assemble the fire pit. 
Pretend that that sounds hard and you're impressed.

  Then we had to build a fire. I had actually moved a small pile of wood from our country home a year and half ago because I was so sure we would someday have a fire pit!

 Then Mia had to look creepy,
like something out of a teenage boy's video game.

 Then we had to be silly because we were so happy
to be moving toward the most awesome smores!

 Is more fun possible?

 Have you bought the jumbo marshmallows yet? Yummmmm.

Now we're just playing with the camera and flames and marshmallows.

Alissa in front of a camera...

Gosh, Lis, you have the best eyebrows. 

 Beautiful and sticky all at once.

How could a fun evening get any better?

Braden could show up. Unexpectedly. 


Gma Judy said...
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Gma Judy said...

you have to be the most fun mom on the planet.