Friday, May 20, 2011

We Weren't Losers

If you don't eat at Win's, you're a loser. 
Or at least that's what their sign once said. 
Win's is a hole in the wall burger place in Fairhaven that makes 
the BEST burgers and milkshakes. 
And every other Friday nights are turning into 
the BEST of fun for Alissa and I.

 we biked to Fairhaven
got caught in a parade
heard the band play
dodged the crowds
rode through Boulevard Park with the sun shining and bay glittering
saw disgusto creeper man (do ask, there is a story)
landed at Wins
read the Echo
purposefully eavesdropped on the best conversation ever...a teenage boy that plays a certain video game more than he eats or sleeps or lives, yet 5 minutes later was telling what he would do if he were President!!
ate cheeseburgers, chocolate & butterscotch milkshakes
rode back home in 25 minutes
took these silly pictures...

we'll finish the evening with popcorn and movies! 
Love my girl!