Friday, December 17, 2010

I have this friend ...

... she's taking hits from every side. Its uncanny really. How can it happen that the three or four agonizingly painful pieces of her life all show up acutely in one day? One evening actually? She called a few minutes ago. She only had a second. Explained what was up. Crying and trying like heck not to. I got it. I've walked through every unrelated part of her story over the past few years. Only a couple people know the whole mess. I wish I could tell you. It'd be a good read, but sortof depressing at first. On the phone, I did what any good girlfriend would do. I told her everything will be ok, that today has got to be the worst of it, don't feel bad for feeling so sad, you're doing a good job, and a few other things that are totally true too. Then I hung up and cried.

She's so brave. Brave and full of guts. I wish I could tell you. Her story would inspire you to greatness. Kindof like Braveheart, only without the blood. Maybe someday, when there's an end written, there'll be a movie made. You could bring your box of tissues and be amazed. You'd leave the theater and notice that the sky is a little bluer, the grass a little greener, and you'd be a little more confident that there is a God out there that writes our stories in a way we would never chose for a purpose we would do anything to be a part of.

Btw: one year ago today, Tiffany died. Remember her with us. Tell Kaisha you love her.

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Annie said...

That was so beautiful, Kristine.

Remembering precious Mei Mei with you today to you and Kaisha <3