Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Always and Never on a Tree Farm

Well, Kaisha is almost a snob about it. Ask her roomie. If its not a REAL Christmas tree, CUT down on a tree farm, then why bother? So we did the same thing we always do, at the same tree farm we usually go to, except this time it was almost dark. It was the only time all our schedules lined up together.

We always have to go past a dozen good trees before we agree on one.
Collin always tells us its too tall and tries to sell us on the merits of short trees.
We're always cold.
We always get candy canes. 
The kids always bicker. And I always try to get them not to.
Ania always wants to be carried.
Mia is always Miss Happy Go Lucky.

We never pick the first tree we see.
Kaisha has never been more adorably dressed.
Alissa has never looked like a vampire in the picture before. (top pic)
Ania's never before been ok with walking the whole time.
Alissa cut the tree down. And it took 3 of us to carry it out.
And just for the record, Collin thought I was still using a really slow shutter speed and so he was trying to make a blurry image. I had actually switched to the flash. Priceless. 

And a new tradition was ushered in! The old tradition has been popcorn and ice cream for dinner when we decorate the tree. This year ... enter sushi! We had all different kinds of sushi together. Kaisha was able to get most of us to use chopsticks. We watched Toy Story 3. Had tropical sorbet for dessert. A definite new tradition to look forward to next year!


Leslie said...

Yum, great combining new and old traditions.

Annie said...

Wow...those are pretty "epic" photos! :)

Anonymous said...

Sushi Rocks! I now buy it on big shopping day every two weeks at costco..the gigantic platter. sushi on Christmas tree day is amazing! what a grand fun wonderful spunky time you all had. Love it.

Kristine said...

oh, I'll check out Costco's platter! I'm new at sushi.