Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Infrequent Posting

Pretend that these pictures actually make up 4 or 5 separate blogposts. Short is better. But short requires frequency, of which I have none. Life at our house. Lately:

This guy, one of Collin's more amazing friends (no slam on Braden intended), consistently makes my days. He came over the other day to unsqueak all the doors so they wouldn't wake sleeping little girls. He even brought his own hammer. On Sunday Dylan came with Collin to unstick my silly van from the snow. I stink at driving in the snow.  One day he chatted with Mia in the freezing cold while she was sledding. A while back he went to the grocery store for me! And he hangs out and talks. Flying helicopters, future plans, chemistry, black ops, squeaky doors, Colli-boo ... you know, stuff like that. And if I need anything, I'll call him.

Ok. It's what we're all thinking so I'm just going to say it. Kaisha is adorable. Beautiful. Her hair is like always right out of a Martha Stewart magazine ... or something. She's dresses unpredictably cute. She buys me my own half gallon of peppermint ice cream! Not to share. She comes over when I can't stop crying and helps me clean up my tissue mess. Listens to my woman's version of life that poor Collin seriously needs a break from. Says just one or two things that are the perfect one or two things. And before you know it we're all off to Starbucks. Ahhhh ... Kaisha is tops.

Can she even be normal for a picture? I asked her to try. She came pretty close.
Alissa was invited to swim in China. The letter starts out like this: Compete Internationally in one of the OLDEST CIVILIZATIONS on EARTH......CHINA during Spring Vacation! How cool is that? Raising $3000 by spring break seems a bit unlikely, but maybe half the fun is being asked. Her other piece of coolness for the week was getting to hang out at Starbucks Monday night with some of the Young Life peeps after the regular fun was cancelled by the snow. Megan's parents keep her in rides to make it happen.

If you get up close to Collin and look intently at his eyes you will find the most amazing pupils. I'm not kidding. Well, first you would notice his eye lashes. They are so long. Any girl would die for them. But his pupils are always huge! Twice the size of the poor person with less beautiful eyes standing next to him in the same light and everything. Oh, and did you know? I have all these friends (I can think of 3 right off the bat, but I know there's more) that are talking to me behind his back about trying to get their 8 to 10 year old girls married off to him! I'm not kidding. The mom's think he's the nicest, sweetest, coolest teenage boy ever. "You don't think 10 years difference in age is too much, do you?" I hear it all the time.

I love this picture of Mia. See her silly bands? They're all the rage from grade school to high school. Mia had only 2 days of school this week. Sick on Monday, early release on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thanksgiving break. She's been reading a lot. I've forced her into a break from her favorite genre. Banned until January 1st. I think she'll be ok though.

 See my new boots?
She loves them so much she is sleeping with them. Right now. As I type. But don't worry. The doors don't squeak anymore. She won't wake up. Shhhhh.


RamblingTart said...

Dear Kristine, I'm so glad you have Kaisha to love on you and cheer and comfort your heart. I can't imagine the pain you are in and send you the biggest hug I can. You are SUCH a delight to me with your photos and posts and amazing strength to find joy in the midst of your great sorrow. I love you and am so proud of you and hope for much healing, joy, and real love to nourish your heart.

Annie said...

I just love all your little updates on funny and memorable and sweet. And yes...Kaisha has every girl's DREAM hair and is like the most beautifulest person ever!! But you don't have to look very far to see who she got it from! :)
Happy belated Thanksgiving and beginning of the Christmas season.
<3 you!

Tammy Frew said...

Kris, Thank you for sharing about your kiddos. They are so amazing. My kids were just as awesome when I was going through my divorce. I was never lacking for hugs! I am thankful that your kids are there for you during this trying time for you. Cling to Jesus first and then when you just need some "flesh" to cling to, hold your kids. Jesus lives in them so just imagine you're hugging Him.

Love you girlfriend :)

Kristine said...

Gosh. I AM going through a divorce, aren't I? It's dreadful to see it in writing. It's weird how life can stink soooo badly, but be happy and wonderful at the same time. How is that?