Friday, May 14, 2010

If you disobey the rules ...

"If you disobey the rules of society they send you to prison; if you disobey the rules of the prison, they send you to Alcatraz."
I loved this trip to San Francisco! If you haven't been, you must go. Most of the third day was spent at Alcatraz. It was fantastic. A park ranger told stories about the inmates and the island's history. Then the audio tour of the cells, which was really well done, a good use of tax dollars. The short ferry ride in the sun was sweet too. Last night I watched Escape from Alcatraz with Alissa and Collin. It was neat to see the movie after having been there last week.

The warden's home. Alcatraz had four different wardens over the years.

This is where Clint Eastwood escaped!

They had a library, so Kaisha would have liked living in this prison.

Cool old stuff that made me think of Marie.

The warden's house again.


Flutterby said...

You guys are SO SO cute together! And yes, I love cool old stuff! Thanks for posting that pic-awesome. Glad you got to have such a fun time away!

. me . said...

cool! you guys are cute...and all my roomies here in Scotland all say I look like mom. :) hehe! <3 love you!

Amanda said...

I KNOW! ALCATRAZ was the coolest thing in the whole wide world. It was creepy, but I loved it!