Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gelato and Tie Dye

Mia turned 8. She celebrated with gelato instead of cake and tie dye instead of pin the tail on the donkey. We gathered a few home girls together. They giggled, went to the creek, sang the song and just all sorts of other adorable girl things. Collin was my right-hand-man for the party since Brett was off motorcycling with his dad and Alissa was running the garage sale and Kaisha was off in Europe.

We sang happy birthday to Ania too. She was completely unaware that she was getting ripped off entirely in the birthday department this year. The three girls all have birthdays within 8 days of each other and ever since Ani came, we've celebrated their birthdays together with just family. We were due for parties and friends and rah, rah, rah. So on the same day we had Mia's party from 1 to 3 and then Alissa's party from 4 to 7. And Ania's party ... well, she didn't get one. But don't tell her that.

Truth be told, I took more pictures of Andi at Alissa's birthday party than of Alissa. How can you not take pictures of Captain Germany? And, hey, if Alissa can't even blow out her own candles without Andi's help, I say he deserves a page in the scrapbook.

I failed. No group picture happened.

So what do you do with too many teenagers in one place? Feed them. Tie dye t-shirts with them. Feed them some more. Keep Megan off the back porch lest she yell embarrassing things to people walking on the trail and people walking on the trail think she actually lives with us. More food. Let them laugh and say all sorts of fourteen year old things that make no sense. Food. Tell them not to stand on top of Kaisha's car. Feed them sugar. Tell them not to throw the rubber duckies out the third story window. More food. Then send them home.

(And, just to clarify, they are a fantastic group of kids and it was Alissa throwing stuff out our window. Not to mention any names or anything.)


Through the Sea Glass said...

Is the a picture of the results of the tie-die shirts?! So so fun. I love tie-die. I am a hippie at heart. Looks like fun times, ah - those girls are darling i can just imagine the giggles.

. me . said...

they were standing on MY CAR???? maturity at age 14.

glad ya'll had fun though! got back from Edinburgh yesterday and am now going to try to catch up with reading. Ha! I've been saying that the ENTIRE time I've been here. Whatever...I will blog for you though soon. :) Love you all!

Oh...and you fail cuz you were gone when I was skyping with Collin! I got to see him and Ania and Daddy and Lissa. Twas awesomeness. :)

tara said...

Awww...the girls had SO much fun. What a fun party. I think they wore their tye dye shirts three days in a row after they got them!!! They LOVE them!! Thanks for making memories! Oh, and you get the amazing mom award for doing all that in one day!!!