Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today is her day, she just doesn't know it.

October 14, 2005. The day we met. The day they handed her little 5 1/2 month old self to us in the Seattle airport. The day our lives got all mixed up together. For better, for worse. She became ours and we became hers. Adoption is amazing. God is amazing when He does this thing of bringing strangers together and giving them the same relationship as non-adopted kids have with their parents. It's amazing to me that He kept Ani & Mia together (they are biological half sisters adopted three years apart). Do you realize the details that had to fall into place for these two to grow up together? It's nothing any of us could have done. God did it. And I'm so thankful to be in on it.
Happy Welcome Home day, Ania. We love you.


marie said...

Love you Ania. You are my favorite 4 year old on the planet. Thanks for coming over yesterday and bringing Pink Puppy with you. Adrienne loved having you. And so did I. Happy Welcome Home Ani.

Annie said...

Love the photos! I ADORE Ani! I don't know if Kaisha told you or not, but Sat. morning when I came into the house, she and Mia were sitting in the living room. Ani looked at me with a wide-mouthed, completely shocked expression and then said, "so GOOD to see you again!" It was too cute...I was totally tickled! :)
Happy Welcome Home Day, Ani girl!

Kristine said...

No, Annie, I hadn't heard that story! That is so cute. We loved having you here ... even in with a limited stay. :o)