Sunday, September 20, 2009


Two exciting things in Alissa's world.

One, she moved up to Pre-Seniors on the swim team last week. The team has four levels and last November Alissa started where all incredible swimmers must start ... at the bottom. Last November we were taking Alissa to the pool to see if she could swim the length of the pool without stopping and putting her feet down. That was the test to see if she could be on the team. Ten months later she has graduated out of the Novice group, out of the Juniors, and is now with the Pre-Seniors! What does it mean? Well, a LOT harder practices. Now she is doing dry land workouts twice a week (as opposed to wet land? idk), going to swim practice at least four times a week if she wants to swim in meets (and she does), or as many as 6 swim practices each week if she is so inclined. Two other kids moved up with her ... so she knows 2 kids in the new group. Lots of potential new friends!

Two, she starts classes at MP3 two days a week tomorrow. One of her classes is Research Writing; that's the one I'm most excited about. She also has a speech class, history, another writing class, and computer applications. She will still be doing Algebra 1, general science, WA State History, and German at home on the other three days each week, plus MP3 homework.

We're excited with you, Lis! How fun to walk with you through this school year. Love you heaps.


Amanda said...

Lissy just rocks! It is just a fact of life....

~lissy said...

:o) Pre-seniors is way harder then Jrs. I look like :P after every practice. :)