Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mixin' It Up

I try to stay as far away from sticky messy projects as possible when it comes to my homeschooling. I've never been the amazing mom that pulls out tempura paints or makes homemade play dough. Unit studies kill me. Crafts and baking to go with a study of some ancient time. Not. I'll read 100 books out loud on the subject, but please don't make me start pulling things out of the kitchen cupboards to produce the goo that they used 2,500 years ago in the embalming process in Egypt. The down side of it is ... that stuff is FUN! The kids love it.
I have a homeschooling friend that decided that she and her kids were going to have FUN this year. Just plain, good fun. And she's doing it! I want to be one of her people studying Korea and making kimchi. I'm not quite ready to roll up my unit study sleeves and dive in ... but I am trying to squeeze in some fun at our house too. Just not quite as much fun as her.

So here is our first attempt at it. Brownies on sticks with sprinkles. The first two times we tried, it didn't work. The brownies wouldn't stay in the right shape. But it worked today. Yay!!

And speaking of fun. I stayed up until midnight last night with my 16 year old son and his friend playing Xbox. It was a ... gasp! ... shooting game. I was really bad at it. It's quite a leap in technology from my Pac Man days. There isn't any redeeming educational aspect to be had ... but it was FUN.

Some of us need to try a little harder to make it happen. Press on! Like my other friend's dining room wall says: Don't forget to have a little FUN today!


Leslie said...

I sometimes have a hard time looking past all the work involved in "having fun". Thanks for inspiring me today.

Marie said...

They turned out GREAT!!!! OMGosh! She could charge money and people could buy them for baby showers or birthday parties. You guys have GOT to teach me how to do that! Way to go. And I bet after it finally was fun. :)