Saturday, July 18, 2009

It was an incredibly beautiful moment to see Kaisha and Annie holding their sponsored girls for the first time. Tiffany went to Kaisha right away, wanted to be held, and was so animated and adorable. The girls probably spent an hour and a half together playing outside and talking and interacting with Tiff and Margaret and the other kids too - all with the nannies for this small group of kids talking away to each other in Chinese.
In the afternoon Kaisha and Annie were able to go into the different children's homes and hold babies and play with the older kids. I took a nap ... recovering from jet lag and a migraine.
We were given a tour of Shepherd's Village in the afternoon with the complete story of how it all came to be. The buildings and grounds are very nice. It is definitely a bright spot on the map in the middle of third world type surroundings. We went out to dinner to a hole in the wall restaurant just a block away. (see picture of shops)
Tomorrow I get to spend my birthday at the Great Wall (about 3 hours away)!! I'm so thankful my migraine is gone and I'm hopeful it will be a fantastic day. And, I've heard that all roads lead to Starbucks ... including in China. Double tall toffee nut latte, here I come.


marie said...

{Way to go, Bobby, getting the blog posted!!!} The pictures are fantastic! So excited for your time there in China. It looks wonderful. Enjoy your coffee.

Alison said...

Hi from Sherry's sister and Annie's aunt!Lydia sent me your blogsite to check out the pics. Thanks for posting and letting us get a glimpse of your wonderful trip. We are praying you all have a safe and spectacular time. Happy birthday! I'll take a Black and White Mocha to go. :o)


Alissa said...

Tiffany is so cute. Margret to.

Abbie said...

These pictures make me want to cry!!!!!!!!!

Brenda said...

what a cool moment for you guys, to see these kids and be present with them. I can't wait to hear the stories in person!