Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It was Totally Cool

First up, I apologize for the blog post title that sounds like one of my teenagers wrote it. But it really was totally cool. My second apology, not that you care, is for not posting a blog post for so long. For those of us who enjoy wasting time reading other people's blogs, it really can be excuse for a long face when day after day there is nothing new to see.
This is what was totally cool! Our dear Chris, all 18 years oldness of him (golly, did you just turn 19?), has spent the last 5 years writing a bunch of songs. Really good songs! The lyrics, the tune, the different vocal parts, recording all the tracks at home ... all of it. (Have you ever tried to write a song? True confessions ... I have. They are always cheesy and stupid. It's really hard to do!) And it was time for Chris to put on his first concert! Kind of like a senior piano recital, only not boring. Chris has poured his heart into this music and you have to walk away impressed. Yes, impressed with Chris, but even more impressed with the Lord and how He has worked so much passion and skill into this young man.

He invited Brett to work up the bass line to some of his songs. And Jeff to come play back up guitar on those songs. They sounded fantastic together.

I loved seeing my husband playing bass again! It's been years since he sold his last bass (he used to own three ... I figure it's kind of like my fetish for books, only the books are cheaper and Brett knows when to stop) and it was so much fun to go bass shopping a couple months ago. This bass has incredibly good sound and it's oh, so pretty. I love listening to him practice at home.

The whole thing is just totally cool.

A few post concert pictures:

Three of Collin's friends. These are the greatest guys!

Kaisha and Keziah

My sweet friend, Lisa and her granddaughter.

Marie, Chris's mom, and her sister, Adrienne, who came all the way from New York!

Marie and one of my favorite persons, Trevor.

Kaisha and Chris

And, just to spare you the mental time, no, they are not a couple, not dating, not interested in each other for future life commitments, no. But, I agree, they are cute together. They are really good friends, talk about most everything, text each other all the time, play mean volleyball against each other, tease each other mercilessly, and have the sweetest cousin friendship you ever did see.

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