Friday, June 5, 2009

The Downside to Blogging

There is a down side to blogging. Blogging gives the distinct impression that your whole life is just one bloggable moment after another. That the kids are always cute and amazing. That the car never breaks down, the dinner always turns out perfectly, and that you never yell at the dog. Or the kids. That your days are made up of smoothies, laughter, and cozy moments on the couch.

The upside of the whole blogging thing is that when you have one of those horrible days when nothing goes right, you feel like auctioning the kids, you can't think straight or stop crying ... you can go read your own blog and feel better about the world. You get the distinct impression that your whole life is just one happy bloggable moment after another. Ahhhh. Just what you needed. A little perspective.


Stormgirl said...

Hahaha... very true Kristine. Isn't it funny that after something happens you are like "this is perfect to blog about!!"?? :D
And yes, previous blogs sure do remind you and give you renewed perspective.

Hannah said...

I LOVE YOU, MRS. T! you always have a new spin on something! you are SO SO cute!! i absolutely love this post. :)