Friday, April 3, 2009

The Scoop on China & My big, fat Book

We applied and received our passports, sent them off and received them back again with visa's to China in them, and this week we bought our plane tickets! There are five of us going to China for ten days this summer. Kaisha and her sweet friend, Annie, both sponsor (aka: send money each month and sometimes gifts) little girls at an orphanage, Philip Hayden Foundation, just outside of Beijing. We will be getting an up close look at the incredible work they do and the girls will get to meet their "China babies" and spend time with them. PHF will take us touring to see the Great Wall and other incredible sites in and around Beijing. My mom and Annie's mom are also going. We're anticipating an amazing trip!
On a much smaller scale, I'm reading Les Miserables. A while back a friend made a passing comment that made me aware that I was missing out on an important piece of life by never having read this book. I'm over three hundred pages into it and not half way. I love this book!
PS: My Colliboo is on his way home from Montana! He had a great time. And, so far, it looks like I made it ten days without him. But barely. I adore that boy.


Annie said...

Just a teeny bit excited for our great adventure... :)

Amanda said...

wow! sound like a grea trip that you guys will have.

marie said...

Amazing what God is doing at your house!! I love getting to watch it all happen. He so tenderly and lovingly cares for us. Can't wait to hear all about China and see all your pictures.

I Don't think I've in my life read a 600+ page book. I'm so terribly impressed. I expect a book report when you're done. :) Hugs!