Friday, March 6, 2009

Step Back in Time

Kaisha and her friend, Vanessa, put together an evening on the topic of history for the younger girls at church. They dressed in costumes, decorated beautifully, taught about God's purposes in history, told stories of three women from different eras, served mini pie treats, and provided all the ready-to-go supplies for the girls to make "explosion boxes!"
It was so much fun to watch Kaisha in action. She was so confident and busy and pretty and funny. I was so impressed with their hours of preparation and attention to all the little details; adding little touches to make everything an extra notch special. She and Vanessa did a fantastic job. And faithful friend Abigail was there helping and being cute in her outfit.

Kaisha and a favorite 6 year old friend.

And Abbie, maybe you could comment and inform us exactly what happens when you pick up an explosion box from the lid?

(You know that I adore you!)


Abbie said...

Haha...ummm, well...let's just say that explosion boxes aren't meant to be picked up by the lid. =D

Fun pictures. Vanessa and Kaish' did an excellent job, it was a wonderful evening and a fun excuse to dress up!

Annie said...

Looks like a wonderful evening! Super job, Vanessa and Kaish! :) You two (plus Abbie!) look beautiful!