Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vicarious Living at it's Finest

Aunt Blondy called today. She always calls when I'm thinking about calling her. I love that.

Blondy: The person who said you can't eat the view was wrong.

Me: Really? Is it pretty out your window?

Blondy: It's incredible. I can't even see the house across the street. [because of the snow] I could sit here looking at my Christmas tree and nativity and the snow outside all day! [Which is a good thing because that's all there is for her to do.]

Me: Oh, I'm so glad you called. I was just thinking about you. Do you have enough groceries?

Blondy: Yes, I have a dozen eggs and some potatoes. It will last me for days. I just love this snow. Who even needs to get dressed?

Me: Yes, who needs clothes on a day like this?

Blondy: I have clothes on!

Me: Oh, too bad! [We laugh together.]

Blondy: Oh ... the boots? Have you been wearing the boots? [The boots Brett bought me last winter ... totally stylin'!]

Me: Yes! I've been wearing them! [She'd been asking for a couple weeks.]

She goes on to ask about the Christmas party we had. What the kids are doing. If Kaisha went to work. And a dozen other things. She lives vicariously through our busy lives. I, on the other hand, soak up her contentment at age 94; the way she sees the snow and the lights and the nativity so fresh and new. She makes my crazy, busy life pause for just a minute to make sure I'm actually living in the midst of it-enjoying it, embracing it, appreciating it. My life won't always be filled with piles of shoes in the back entryway. She helps me to see that ... but not by giving me the "they grow up so fast" lecture. But just by loving life ... both her's and mine.


nicole said...

We love Aunt Blondy!

Marie said...

I love Aunt Blondy stories. I wish she could still be here when I'm old to teach me how to do it. You should ask her how she learned not to feel sorry for herself. And how to enjoy being in the moment without letting life get in the way. I bet she's got a good story or two to tell.

Brenda said...

Marie... I think she learned how to not feel sorry for herself YEARS ago... when she was young (like us!). From the stories she tells I get the idea it wasn't an easy lesson, but more of a journey with hills and valleys.

Kristine... I like the Aunt Blondy stories too. This one motivated me to give her a call. I haven't talked to her for a long while, so it was good!