Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Quintessential Perfect Big Sister

I go off to run a few errands before the real snow hits. Kaisha, home from work because of the forcast, stays home and babysits. A couple hours consisting of hot cocoa, bundling up for the 3.5 seconds of outdoor play, cute photo shoot, the unwrapping of wet clothes when they come in, snuggles and books with Ania on the couch. She even remembered to take Ania potty while I was gone!!
What more can you ask for in a big sister and a daughter? Love you, Kaish!


nicole said...

She's amazing! CUTE photos! love snow pics, the snow make such a great perfect white background for all our colorful snow outfits! :o)

Brenda said...

Can Kaisha come live with us for a while.... SERIOUSLY! :-)

Hannah said...

Go KAISHA! way to be there for your mom!! MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!!!