Friday, November 28, 2008

We Came, We Saw, We Ate

Thanksgiving. We had a great day. My mom cooked the turkey ... and just about everything else. The little girls played and giggled and ate all day. The boys bonded via MiniClips and attempted to evade the work (until it was time for dishes and there was no getting around it). Collin did an amazing job on the gravy. Alissa and Mike spent time on the roof. Really. We watched the Seahawks lose, badly. Big girls planned their shopping expedition for the morrow. Mom tried to read Ania into a nap after dinner ... to no avail. Brett and Eric talked shop. Dad steadfastly maintained his position in his favorite chair, taking it all in, saving enough energy to clean up the aftermath the next day.
And thankful to God, we are! Thankful for all the transient things that could be gone tomorrow ... our children, good health, Brett's wonderful job, our home and all the stuff in it (especially the dishwasher), our friends and the people we love and adore. God has given so many good gifts to us. But even more we're thankful for what can never be taken away. That God is a God of grace, acquiescing with delight to provide not only heaven but also daily grace and purpose in this life.


Abbie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kristine!! I love your pictures. :)

Stormgirl said...

Oh what fun!! I am thankful for the memories that we get to create over Thanksgiving! I loved the pictures... so great! Praise the Lord for His goodness!