Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fish in the Making

She did it. She joined the Bellingham Bay Swim Team. Alissa has long been a fish in the making. She loves to swim, splash and all things water. She loved the first two practices. The swim team has four levels, she is in the first level. They have swimmers that compete nationally in the top levels. Alissa isn't hugely competative ... she's excited to learn to swim better and faster and even more into hanging out with her friend Taryn. She has to go to at least 2 practices each week but can go up to 5 times a week. Good job, Alissa! Swim on!


Stormgirl said...

Yeah for Alissa!! That is so awesome... Melissa is the same way.

~lissy said...

I'm in that pic. Behind the block!It's just hard to see me. STRECH!