Saturday, November 1, 2008


We finally have one! A child that will fix all our computer woes. No more pestering our teen-tech friends to come to our rescue. The only trouble is ... it might be few more years until she's fully up and running. The child that will not watch a video will sit at a computer for ... well, who knows how long? She can open the a laptop, turn it on (can't get through out password, thankfully), open up i-tunes, get the view onto full screen and play songs. She can get on the internet and find the webkinz site from favorite places. She can navigate with the mouse or the pad. And she loves to type! The click of the keys is music to her ears. Lately she's been playing on Kaisha's VERY old, WWU surplus laptop. It has the most disagreeable button thing for a mouse that most of us have fits trying to work ... she has no problem with it. She has a new best friend ... Andrew. He set up a limited user account for her to work on. She sat on his lap. She said his name. She's still saying his name. Awwww. Thanks Andrew.


Abbie said...

She IS! Another little computer geek in the making. Go Ania! =)

So Andrew got it working...I'm curious what method he ended up using. Go Andrew! =)

That really is awesome she can use your laptop now without the risk of messing things up. =) I have never seen such a little girl so in-tune with the techy world. She is destined for great things. =)

Stormgirl said...

Ania is so great! That is funny that she loves computers that much!