Monday, November 3, 2008

Crib Climbing and Jury Duty

Ania finally figured it out. We were hoping she wouldn't connect the dots for a few more months ... even years on this one. A couple nights ago she wanted me so badly it all came together for her. Throw the leg over the top, pull up, lean forward ... bam! Out of the crib. Last Thomas person to need the crib. So here is a picture of Brett taking the crib apart. Up into the attic is goes. Collin walked in. "Are we getting rid of it?" No, no! It's now officially waiting for grandkids. I remember saving money for a crib when I was pregnant with Kaisha. My dad and I were out Christmas shopping for my mom. I showed him the cribs. "This is the one we're going to buy, but this is the one I really want. I don't have enough money for the nicer one." It wasn't even on my radar when I said it ... but without a moment's thought Dad said, "I'll give you the rest." So, five kids and 19 years later we are hauling the pretty, carved crib up to the attic one last time ... tooth marks and all.

Brett is away at jury duty today on his day off. I think they call it "jury service" in the paperwork now. Sounds more noble. Not sure how it's all going to work with the night shift he has this week. Let's just say it gives us a whole new reason to be glad for his friendship with Mark W. :o) It might come in handy. And too bad he doesn't knit ... think of the socks he could make sitting there all day!


Abbie said...

Oh what sweet memories go along with the crib!! I love that you're saving it for grand is my mom! :)

And I really think Mr. Thomas should take up knitting!!

tara said...

Let's just hope if he gets asked to serve on a trial, that Mark is involved in the case, otherwise knowing him will do Brett no good. Well, in the court room anyway! :)