Friday, November 14, 2008

Friends in Far Away Places

Alissa is twelve. Twelve and a half, actually. And her best cousin-friend is moving away in a few weeks. Mike. Off to Georgia. This would not be quite so tragic if her other best friend didn't also live two states away in Montana. Grace moved away about 5 years ago. You could not find a sweeter, kinder girlfriend than Grace. When they are together they never put each other down, never disagree on what to do, and are oblivious to the rest of the world. They giggle and laugh. Mike is just as great, but in a boyish sort of way. He's silly ... really silly. And Alissa laughs at all of his jokes. Not even courtesy laughs ... she really thinks he's funny! They play in the woods with homemade wooden swords. They play their DS's side by side. They like the same movies. They don't seem to see each other's faults at all. Georgia is seeming like an awful long ways away.


Marie said...

My heart hurts for Mike and Lissa. They are friends of a rare sort, especially for those so young. Hasn't it been so fun to watch God weave their friendship? Can't wait to see how God does the next part for I am convinced God's weaving does not come unraveled. Love you, Lis.

tara said...

You guys are making my heart hurt...It was only a few months ago that I said goodbye to Stephanie Fallahee to Tennessee. We got to say goodbye for real at a Denver,Co Starbucks, did you know that? It was so painful, I can feel it all over again even as I write this...But I love what you are saying about God weaving our hearts together, Marie. That helps the pain! And now it is just a different season and kind of friendship! Our kids do the same things too, we went swimming the other night and the girls said, "this just isn't the same without Kate and Olivia..."