Friday, October 10, 2008

Toddlers and teenagers

You know you're raising toddlers and teenagers when ...
... the teens are playing football in the living room and they are using the toddler AS the football.
... your three year old knows the tune and most of the words to the latest Casting Crowns song.
... the toddler's mess and the teens' rooms look just about the same.
... you cheer one person for getting an A on a Chemistry test and you cheer another person for going poo-poo on the potty.
No wonder there are moments when I just can't think.


Dragonfly said...

One of my most favorite things is learning what people are reading. I love the booklist on your sidebar!

A lovely mom of teens and toddlers you are. What a fun home your kids are growing up in. Way to "own the day"!

Abbie said...

super pic :)

~lissy said...

Oh look at me... loser :)

Brenda said...

Hey Alissa, looks to me like you're winning in that picture. Such determination in that face.

Next time I want to see you tackle him. And then tickle him and tell him he's a gorilla. Maybe Collin was the elephant in the woods?