Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little bit

I walked through the door tonight at 5:20 and I was so tired. I had no plan for dinner and no energy to cook it. Enter Kaisha. Also tired from a full day of work but cheerful and willing. Just 40 minutes later the dinner was ready with dessert too! Wow. You go, girl!
I took this picture of Kaisha at Artist Point while were waiting at the top of the mountain for Brett to finish the Mt. Baker Hill Climb last month. And "A little bit" was her way of saying her middle name when she was little.


Dragonfly said...

Look at my cute cousin!!

Go Kaish'! What did you make? Dessert? Do you cater? :o)

Abbie+ said...

I have SUCH a beautiful friend!!!

Kaisha said...

Thanks! :) All the good pictures Mommy seems to get of me are when I'm greasy with no make-up! :) I made my own version of apple cake...with some carrots and apple sauce in it. I cater if I get to come eat it with you! :)

Dragonfly said...

Kaish' you are a great example of heartfelt service. You are a challenge to me to go the extra mile...and "make dessert" too. Love you!