Monday, July 11, 2011

The Spaz Sisters

We drove 900 miles so that these girls could goof off in front of a camera.
 Just like the good old days.
 And make it feel like they haven't lived in different states for 9 years.
 And know that they still are besties.
 And always will be.
 No matter how much growing up changes them.
 Or doesn't.
Thomasitos committed to friendship with said Scansen girls. Forev-a!


Alissa Thomas said...

we are soo cool!!! because we are... and i should be your favorite person because im leaving a comment and its kinda sorta not really long. well... longer than the last time i commented on ur blog... or longer than all the other times.

Hannah said...

YAY :) I love you allll SOOO MUCH!!! <3 Let's do it again soon! Maybe we'll come the other way?? :)

tara said...

Awww... I love these pictures! Such special bonds that go way back!!!