Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stickers and Strawberries

Celebrating Mia
Sweet 9
Happy Day
My Privilege
Complete Adoration
So here's the party. Minus Grandma, who had the sense to leave when the chalk came out. And missing Collin, who is being a responsible human being and attending his evening chemistry class. Earlier though, we had spaghetti dinner and strawberries on mini angle food cakes topped with strawberry ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce. Unless you were Mia and you had strawberries only because your tummy hurts, like it often does these days.

Then presents that make a bedroom makeover, complete with two colors of wall paint, fuzzy bright pillows, sparkly lime green curtains. Then pastels to draw with after you've read good books while you're wearing your new shoes and your hat-like-kaisha's...all the while eating Skittles. Plus the lime green garbage can that any decent 9 year old would kill to receive for a birthday gift.

Treats on birthdays aren't allowed at school anymore due to kids with allergies. But stickers are in. I stopped by school to drop off 25 sheets of monkeys and fish and bees and frogs for Mia to give to each of her classmates. And the whole cafeteria sang Happy Birthday to her, which, evidently, makes a little girl sit there with big eyes until it's over.


Annie said...

I <3 that top photo of you and Mia (but the one below is pretty much a keeper too!). Happy Birthday to the Princess from Annie Hathaway (she's still my favorite person for saying that):)

. me . said...

that picture makes me reeeeaaaalllly want to knock Cody off the rock...

tara said...

love love LOVE those pictures!! Happy Birthday Mia! Kaisha, you are cracking me up!