Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pigtails with an Inner Artist

 Birthday Girl
Her first year really "getting" her birthday.
Her first year with big sister's boyfriend bearing gifts and bringing out her inner artist.
 Ania's first birthday where Alissa is totally cool and if you don't believe it read Kaisha's blogpost.
 Ania's first birthday in which we all wear her new skirt on our heads. 
Saving Cody, who is far too dignified. But not really.

 Her first year getting to wear a pink birthday crown at school with a glittering 6 on it.
 Her first year going to bed the night before her birthday asking if I was going to sing to her tomorrow.
Her first year not having her Papa come over to celebrate with her. [Side note: I seem to have projected Papa's disdain for having his picture taken onto Grandma, who of course was here!, and didn't subject her to smiling for the camera. That's going to have to end!]

Her first big girl, shiny new bike!
Being 6 looks good on her.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, sweet Ania. Happy lovely fun quirky birthday to you! 6 is awesome and you'll do it perfectly. I love your skirt-I hope I get a chance to wear it on my head for a picture. And I love your new bike. And I love your happy bouncy self. Hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

Ania see go my dog cat love like sara mollly

tara said...

Happy Birthday, Ania! I can't wait to get together and read again soon! And see your new artwork!