Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leave the Mess

image by Alissa
cute legs belong to Kaisha

I've never been happier to clean my house than today. 

For eleven weeks I've forced myself to walk past the messes. Decent grades and a sparkling house were mutually exclusive. I could pick one or the other. And while I'm onto true confessions, cooking didn't happen either. I think Grant cooked more meals in the past three months in this house than I did. (Yes, I fed the kids. And read to Ania. And watched Psych with Mia. And stayed up late laughing with my older kids. Just the cooking and cleaning didn't happen. No people neglect.) 

School won't always be like this. Just this quarter. Future class schedules will be the same or harder, but I won't be going through the stupid life drama that tainted every waking moment of this quarter. 

I finished my last Anatomy & Physiology test online this morning, and I have one more exam that doesn't open online until Monday morning at 6AM and I don't even need to study for that one. I'm so close to being done it feels like being done! So to celebrate, I've been cleaning house. 

You know how when someone has a terrible accident and they really, honestly thought that they were going to die ... and then they didn't die? And not only did they not die, but they made a full recovery. And then you hear how they see the world in a whole new light? The sky is bluer, the grass is greener, the sun shines warmer ... ?

That's how I felt about vacuuming under the couch cushions this afternoon. It was beautiful. I loved it.

I've never been happier to clean my house than today.

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Through the Sea Glass said...

I love you. I ADORE THe photo. Ah. You're amazing.