Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hi. I'm Kaisha.

Kaisha does the coolest stuff. She's eccentric in all the right ways. She travels the world and wears mismatched socks. She'll eat anything and is so laid back you could probably steal her future and she'd be ok with it. And you just can't help but anticipate her next outfit!

I am planning to copy her. Not the food or the clothes or the world ... but the theater! She went to a movie by herself. She sat in the back row. She snuck food in. She loved it. She knew she would. I'm going to try it. I just imagine that you would sort of feel invisible. And who hasn't wanted to be invisible? And I just imagine that you would sort of feel like you have a secret that the whole world doesn't even know about. And you would know that you really don't have a whole world secret, but wouldn't it be cool to just feel like you did?

Just for 10 minutes ... I wish I could actually be her!