Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deja vu Flashy Thing

I walked in on this scene a couple nights ago. Mia sitting with Ania at the end of Ani's bed. Mia with her 800 page book, the sixth in the series she started a couple months ago, and Ania with her 12 page early reader. Ania making lots of noise and motion, Mia completely undistracted, so fully absorbed in her book that I could hardly get her to look up for the picture. Mia wearing her princess outfit to bed, Ani in her monkey pajamas. It is sooo them.

You know how a body, when it experiences freezing temperatures, focuses all it's attention to keep it's core and vital organs alive? I'm thinking that's what's happening in my head. Except I'm not cold. I'm learning TONS of stuff in my A&P class, and my three other classes, deal with badlifecrap on a regular basis ... maybe a bit much for my little brain to keep track of, so it's focusing all its attention on keeping A&P and the kids alive, and all the peripheral information is out the window.

So, today, I did the blondest thing I have ever done. Ever. It was ten thirty this morning and I had fed everybody hours ago and was just getting around to eating my own breakfast. There were 2 frozen waffles (I did. I fed my kids frozen waffles. All my cooking time is going toward studying too.) left and I was going to eat them. So, as I was about to make them, I needed to run off and do something else for one of the kids, and I came back to the kitchen about a half hour later to toast my icky waffles, and they were gone. I look everywhere. Freezer. Fridge. Counters. Stairs. Office. (maybe I took them with me when I got called away) They were nowhere. So I look in the freezer again. I call downstairs to Collin. Did you eat my waffles? (he had already had 4, so I doubted it) Did he put them away? Did he know where they are? He comes upstairs. Observes that they are nowhere. Tells me to chill, and goes back downstairs. Geez. I look in the freezer again. Fridge again. Counters again. I get a new box of them out of the freezer. (yes, I bought two boxes) And then ...

it was kindof like a deja vu, only instead of a whole scene that lasts a few seconds ... it was like the quickest little flashy-deja vu thing ever. I could not believe it. I froze where I was standing in the kitchen. No one was there ... but I actually put both hands over my mouth and had shocked eyes. I had eaten them! I remember none of it except the little flashy of my pretty red plate that Tara gave me for my birthday that I always try to use when it's clean cause it makes me feel fancy, and the syrup and one little square of waffle. I had cooked them (if you can call toasting cooking) and syruped them and cut them into squares as if they were for Ania and eaten them in the kitchen while I talked to my mom on the phone.

At first I thought ... I'm not going to tell anyone. It would remain a skeleton in my closet forever. But it was waffles. Really? Keep waffle forgetting a secret? When it could make someone else feel really good about themselves 'cause they don't forget 15 minutes of their lives that happened 30 minuted ago. So I texted Collin from the kitchen down to his room. He texted back: Wowwwwww...... (can you hear his voice saying that?) and he turns around and puts my skeleton waffles on facebook. Thank you very much. So, I might as well blog about it so that in a year, when you all wonder when my dementia had its origination, you'll know it was the waffles.


tara said...

That is hilarious!! Right up there with the Parks forgetting Lona!! :) (Had to throw that in there!) I love, love, LOVE that you use that adorable red plate whenever it is clean...that is really sweet. I thought it looked like you!! (So I guess that means you are kinda fancy, since it makes you feel fancy!!)

Through the Sea Glass said...

oh if only you could understand HOW much I know about forgetting things right after I do them. I try and ignore it...I get upset - blame it on others...and later find it was me. Ever since October 25, 2003. Ah, ps...I LOVE you. eventually it's something you'll spend one hour laughing your head off about :) I'll laugh WITH you :) You are amazing. And I Love that photo of the girls.