Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two in the Picture

Love this picture. Two of my favorite people!

The nothing-exciting that happened today:

*schools were running 90 minutes late because of the snow and so we had a lazy morning.
*I did school with Ania in our cozy warm office much of the afternoon.
*Ania and I walked all bundled up to get Mia from school. We took Wellington.
*Alissa used my camera to take pictures with a friend for her photography class after school.
*We washed dishes by hand because our dishwasher is broken.
*There is a huge very dead rat in our driveway.
*There were adorable, tiny paw prints on the front porch this morning. We thought squirrels. But now I'm sort of thinking rat-friends? Ewwww.
*We sorted through books and found some stacks to get rid of. Bliss to Collin. Why does he have such disdain for my books? But then he had me put five of them back on the shelf. He hopes to read this summer! Gasp of surprise. 
*And some hard stuff. Four out of five kids having significant issues to untangle before 11 o'clock this morning. Divorce paperwork to figure out. Taxes. The house that I worked at cleaning off/on all day that is a mess right now. The school work that I didn't touch ... yet. An overly tired 5 year old. The afore mentioned broken appliance. 

In the end, it was actually a pretty quiet, uneventful, good day. 

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tara said...

I LOVE your new layout! The font is especially my favorite!!! You always make things look so cool...

...and as always, you are amazing! I sure hope life will settle down for you soon...