Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deny It

The real thing I should be doing is studying. But I'm denying it. The next thing I should really be doing is sleeping. But I'm denying that too. Sometimes blogging isn't about writing or recording family life or a creative outlet. Sometimes its just the easiest thing to do when you're in denial about all the other things you should be doing. Which is me right now.

Things I love in random order (not including my own kids or God):

Collin's curls.
Borrowing that sweatshirt he's wearing in the picture.
Having all 5 kids home at the same time (which is happening as we speak!)
Finishing a run.
Going to zumba.
Ania's squeaky doll laugh.
Tenth Avenue North
That Alissa's learning German and we can talk in front of her friends. Even about them.
Learning science stuff in my classes.
Thinking about the future ... even tomorrow.
Yankee Candles.
That my parents would do anything for me.
Dried mangoes.
Kaisha's hair.
Collin's friends.
My Sig Sauer.
That Mia is so stinking smart.
Taking another class from Dr. Elliott.
Watching Alissa race.
Where I live.
The basketball abs workout thing at the gym.
My lab partner, Sara.
Kaisha's creativity and sense of style and photography and writing.
That my friend knits socks for me.
Having nothing to hide.
Comforting Ania.
Mia's teacher.
That Collin just cleaned his shower without me asking.
Kat's and Amanda's blogs.
That my kids have the coolest uncle.
Getting into bed at night.
The scarf Kaisha brought me from England.
My boots.
Sitting around joking with my three oldest kids all at once.
Jack Bauer.
One of the kids being exposed to the stomach flu and then not getting it.
A clean house.

Write 5 things you love in the comments. Be random. Not your top 5 things. Just any 5 things.

Picture credit: Dylan. Or Molly with Dylan's camera?


Annie said...

1. your honest, heartfelt, and creative blog posts
2. my new Bath and Body works wallflower in Warm Vanilla Sugar scent...aaaah
3. feeling silly, but totally loving the new "Ramona and Beezus" movie, which I just watched for the first time...hey, it was cute and made me laugh...
4. my new WSU sweatshirt with fuzzy fleece lining...
5. the hope that Spring is Coming...

Kristine said...

I'm likin' your new profile pic. Cute hat!

Anonymous said...

1. loving people
2. dancing through the house with the radio up loud
3. flowers from Trader Joe's
4. Molly
5. a finished knitting project

Kelsey said...

1. Your blog posts!
2. Sweet Dreams herbal tea
3. Digital scrapbooking (for uncreative people like me.
4. Sanctus Real's new CD
5. summer plans

Kristine said...

Flowers from Trader Joe's are tops! Cheap and healthy/fresh! Love them.

And, Kelsey, I'll have to check out the rest of Sanctus Real's new album! I only know a song or two. And, do you know Matt's website? The story of his baby born a few months ago with a bad heart defect? It's I've loved following their story. It's amazing.

Jessica said...

1. Owen's dimples
2. Chocolate Necessities' downtown shop
3. Psych - a funny detective TV show
4. my purple phone case
5. being almost not sick

Kristine said...

Almost not sick sounds almost like something to love. Sorry you've been sick. And Psych is my new favorite show too! They are so funny.

Amanda said...

Amanda as in ME amanda? I am so glad you like reading my blog! I love your blog and you1

Kristine said...

Yes! Amanda as in YOU Amanda! I love reading your blog for a few reasons. 1. I like to see what's going on in your world. 2. You looooove so many people and just gush over them and I think that's sooo cool! 3. You are positive and upbeat and cheerful. 4. You talk about loving Jesus more and I want that too so you push me in that direction when I read your blog. 5. I hear your voice when I read it. See? I love you're blog. Now, sweet niece, you need to leave a comment telling 5 things you love. Pleeeaaassseee?

tara said...

1. coffee with friends
2. transparent people
3. daisies
4. dusty blue VW buses
5. getting to know people, like, really getting to know them.

Molly said...

Hey I took that picture :)

Kristine said...

Did you see the fine print at the bottom? I tried to give credit to the proper photographer! Nice job! I love it!

. me . said...

1. doing dishes in my underwear (wow i totally just admitted to doing that)

2. laughing with my roommate about pretty much everything

3. when my writing teacher says something awesome about me like..."you're one of my most creative students." it makes the hours of painful story writing almost worth it.

4. doing something dumb and Collin laughing at me. (don't tell him I said that)

5. when I cook. and no I don't love my sucks. but I love it when I cook. it proves something to myself. not sure what...

Molly said...

Oh yay :)