Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Girls

Ah! I love my girls. It was complete joy to spend 5 days basking in the sun on Maui beaches with them. And going through cute shops in Lahaina, eating gelato, and discovering Cinnamon Girl. It was heavenly. Take the three of us away from busyness and stress and school and Bellingham, and we get along like one person. Add sweet friend Kat to the mix and you would not believe the giggles. Did we stay up until 2AM laughing that night? Oh, my goodness. I haven't laughed so hard in years.

Fast forward to today. Another dose of girl-loving fun. Kaisha and I studying at Starbucks for a couple hours together. Driving around looking for a party at the knitting store that didn't happen. Sacked out in her living room talking about nothing that either of us remember by now. It was heavenly.

Then Alissa and I cooked a late, spicy dinner and stayed up late watching a movie that made us laugh and roll our eyes and have a great debate about Jacob and Edward. You gotta love people that sparkle in the sunshine.

My Kaishy (as Mia and Ani call her) turned 21 on Christmas Eve! Amazing.

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kaishy. teesha. kaish. any of those.