Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fixin' Stuff

Collin (18), Kristine, Ania (5), Kaisha (almost 21), Alissa (14)
At a friend's house. She always takes a picture of families when they come for a meal. We have pictures in front of this fireplace from when the big kids were babies. (Mia was at a friend's house until later.)

Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.~Braden

Cleaned the gutters. 
Put moss killer on the roof.
Fixed the garage door so it doesn't take 10 minutes to close.
Reprogrammed the garage keyless entry pad that wasn't working, which required a lonnnng time on the phone with tech support. 
Figured out why the basement fireplace wouldn't come on, and fixed it.
Listened to the hopeless grinding noise the van door makes when it locks and made an appointment with the dealership.
Reprogrammed the keypad on the gun safe. 
Retaught me how to load the magazine and unload the chamber.
Put a lock on the shot gun.
Pressure washed the front walkway and driveway. 
Made phone calls to the home security system people, taking steps toward getting it up and running.
Helped Alissa tidy and sweep the garage.

That is what Dylan, Braden, Collin, and Grant got done at my house today
They are AMAZING! I love these guys.


. me . said...

my favorites...we would all be crying if it weren't for them.

Leslie said...

John and I just read about what these guys did and think that those guys are awesome! They rock.

Hannah said...

My bros rock. :)

Zwade Gang said...

Braden's dad is thrilled to know that he is working hard somewhere! Way to go guys!!!

Kristine said...

Braden walks on water over here!! He's amazing.

Annie said...

Yahoo!! Must feel GREAT to have all those projects finished!