Saturday, October 16, 2010


Really Collin? Fourteen and a half hours of sleep all in one night/day? I always wondered what would happen if I didn't wake you up. Wow. Let's just say I take all the credit for this amazing feat. I left the house early. I didn't wake you up before I left. So it happened. I think you owe me. And I really want to know what Grant thinks about it. Is this commendable? Or, not so much? Speak Grant.


Mountain Boy said...

this is highly commendable behavior and i applaud collin for it. i bet he was going to get up at 3 am but then he thought to himself, "what would grant do?" and then he slept for another ten hours. i am sorry i am such a bad influence on your angelic son. we love colliboo

Kristine said...

Ok. If you say it's commendable, then I'll go with that. Cause you're pretty much perfect. And I wish you were my other son.