Friday, May 21, 2010

Par Avion

The girl who wants to see a letter in her mailbox more than anything, filled our mailbox with Christmas in May! Kaisha sent this packet of letters and presents to us. Letters to each person in the family, chocolate for the men, candy for the little girls, the coolest mood rings to Alissa, and a beautiful scarf with all the right colors to me. And a slide show of pictures from her first two weeks.

Kaish, we loved it!!! The scarf is so perfect. Thank you! The girls loved their letters and candy. And the rings for Alissa are perfect too. Who doesn't love a ring that changes colors when you're cold or hot?! Ania took a bite of Collin's Turkish Delight before he saw it. And I loved how each letter was written just like you were talking to each of us. Miss you. Love you!!


Through the Sea Glass said...

Doesn't that just make everything in your life perfecT!?!? I just love it. I think getting packages is one of my most favorite things in the whole world. LOVELOVE.

Kaisha said...

:) it was fun to put you!