Saturday, April 24, 2010

Party at My House

So, I drove into the driveway one evening a while back after picking up Alissa from swim practice. Note: my usual favorite person's truck is at our house. Once inside: most often favorite person IS at my house. Yay!! Dylan does things like fill the salt and pepper shakers. He does the dishes. He puts things together that have been apart.

Long story short ... Dylan brought a party that night. He heard that our house sold so he made a party for us! Bought an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! He even drew a house on the top. Awwww. Then a movie. He rented a movie for us all. How did he know that this particular movie was on my list of movies I wanted to watch? He brought other people ... two of them. His brothers. We even got Andrew! And Grant managed to fit us inbetween his 50 mile runs.

Honestly, what could be more fun that eating ice cream cake with these guys? And you haven't really lived until you've watched a move with Grant and heard him laughing though it. He has the perfect movie-watching-chuckle thing going.

Collin, you have good taste in friends! And, yes, they can move in any time.

My epic failure: not taking a single picture of our party. No cake picture. No Dylan picture. No Sherlock Holmes picture. No picture of Grant laughing. And no picture of Andrew, who seldom travels alone. Not to mention ... no picture of Alissa doing her VERY best not to chatter through the whole movie, since we had company and all.

BUT: here are old pictures. One of Dylan behind his camera. Pretty much the only pose of him that we saw on that camping trip. Mr. Photographer, he was.

AND picture of of all three guys. Andrew, wearing red duct tape. Dylan on Andrew's right, and Grant on his left. What I would like to tell you is that there were some bad, trailer trashy, beer belly type guys camping down the lane from us, and in the night they came and abducted Andrew from his tent and taped him to this tree and Andrew's friends and brothers initiated a 12 hour man hunt to find and save him.

BUT that would be a lie. The truth is that Andrew's dear friends and brothers stole him away from whatever peaceful-minding-my-own-business type activity Andrew was doing at the time and taped him to the tree themselves. And as if that wasn't humiliating enough ... we had to photograph it for posterity. Note co-conspirators: Collin, Kaisha, Hannah, Caleb & Isaac.

In summary, Andrew is amazing but he still hasn't filled my salt and pepper shakers.


Kaisha said...

ice cream cake is pretty much amazing. but not as amazing as sitting in a cafe in a small town in england sharing a scone with two friends and drinking tea and talking to the friendly cafe man trying not to talk "british" back to him.

collin says british is a language. he says if i learn german again i will be trilingual.

Through the Sea Glass said...

how sweet, a very thoughtful gesture! wish i could have been at this joyous celebration!!

Dylan said...

That was a great evening, that I got to spend with your hole family celebrating your old house selling. :) I have greatly enjoyed my friendship with Collin. It has been great getting to spend more time with him lately. Last weekend and the over night trip to Stewart mt. was a lot of fun. I hope you and MR.Thomas have a great time next week. I really liked the good memory of Andrew during that camping trip! :)