Saturday, March 20, 2010

Names Withheld

My week has pretty much been about throw up and broken glass. Well, throw in sleepless nights and poop in wrong places. I'll just give you the highlights. Just to make you feel better about your life.

I have a friend that says that everything she's ever really liked in her life, she's broken it. My saying is more this: anything I've ever really liked, my kids have broken. But I broke this. It was going to be my first time using it. I liked it. And, boy, did it shatter!

I had barely finished cleaning up the glass when the throw up started. Totally unexpected. It was spectacular. I was holding this person, so by the time it hit the floor it could really splatter. We weren't even done cleaning it up when person #2 ... it was gross. Think gagging and mucus.

Then there was the middle of the night problem where someone had a bowel sort of problem and decided to (very responsibly) clean herself up rather than wake us up. By the time I was called to the scene, it was everywhere. Like on the dresser, door, carpet, throw rug, bed, blanket, and then ... it got tracked down the hall. Multiple loads of laundry on the 3 hour sanitary load. A bath for the guilty party and middle of the night showers for the parents. AND ... I called in professional carpet cleaners the next day. Honest.

Four doctor appointments this week. One x-ray. Two pneumonia diagnosis. Many trips to the pharmacy. Oh, and did I mention the throwing up in the public place? Ironically, it was at the health department.

Or the time I came downstairs to find a person sweeping up a broken glass with bare feet? Bless her heart. Or the nights that I got less sleep than people my age with 5 kids should reasonably have? Or how about one of the pneumonia patients that had to get up for work at 4:30AM more than once and work 12 to 14 hour days? So much for the tea and napping the doctor ordered. It just dawned on me, the week was like a Hebrew chiasm, with the crowning crisis in the middle being the few hours that I thought I had miscalculated all our buying/selling houses, mortgages, finances ... by ninety thousand dollars. I'm not kidding. I was in tears. It's a long, boring, complicated story. I had it right the first way. I was so relieved.

And just when it looked like we all might actually survive ... then it really started. Four-thirty this morning someone came into my room and said, "My tummy hurts really bad." And then she starts throwing up ... over the professionally cleaned CARPET! Yes, I was more worried about the carpet than the person. Another person totally throwing up all day too. I've been emptying barf buckets and wiping mouths, being afraid to eat and nurturing my sense of impending doom.

And not that you care, but just so you know, it hasn't been all bad this week. We did get THREE offers on the house and signed one! Closing on April 19th. And then there is my mom. I'm seriously thinking I would have been admitted to St. Joseph south campus this week if it had not been for my mom. She has babysat for hours, swept and cleaned and fed people and taken Ani to preschool and picked her up and given me time to nap and a hundred other things. Today she took Ania to the harbor for a long walk before bringing chicken soup and children's Tylenol from the grocery store.

Hey, btw, have you heard the new Josh Wilson song? Before the Morning. Totally worth the buck off itunes! Go buy it!


Wimsy Mei said...

Wow...that is seriously the grossest blog post I have ever read.

I've never been so happy for 14 hour work days with pneumonia.

Brenda said...

Oh. My. Word. Glad I don't live with you right now! Sorry for the carpets... the people will get better with time.

Should I be honored or horrified that I was with you for the beginning of the Hebrew chiasm, or whatever you called it? What is that, anyhow. Enlighten me oh Sweet Cleaner of Glass and Puke.

Hope you stay free of the virus and germ and all things gross.

I adore you!

tara said...

Wow. That was quite the update on the Thomas life...I am SO glad I am a Wright!

I am so sorry for you guys...the cool thing, is you have a blog post so when all this settles down, you'll have the memory to laugh about...(not that you'll want to remember this month!?) :)

Praying you'll stay well! (and Collin, too... I almost told my boys they couldn't go see Collin today!...) Take care!

Flutterby said...
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Flutterby said...

I think I recognize that glass... :) Hugging you from afar, germfree. Humor. Must. Find. Humor.

Annie said...

Oh my goodness, have had a totally rough time of it lately! Sending many hugs and prayers your way and hoping that everyone feels better SOON!

On the flip side....SO glad you guys were finally able to sell the house! What an answer to prayer and a reminder of God's faithfulness and provision in the midst of even the most difficult of weeks.

Love you!

Leslie said...

O Kristine,
I am so sorry. I'll cry with you. Thank God that he's in control. Hopefully this next week will be totally different in many respects.

Dani said...

I'm sorry friend! Are you alive? Remember...heaven ahead! Love you.

Through the Sea Glass said...

Bless your mom, wow what a week for you guys. Poor Kaisha...Ah I wish I were there to help! Love you guys and hope things are on the upside! Praying for you.

Through the Sea Glass said...

Oh and I have to congratulate you on the house!! So - My parents just got their house on the market -and then caleb - who lives there was diagnosed with the H1N1 - so all that work - was for no one to come and see the house...hah - then michael got sick - and just a few days ago they signed with a gal who offered the offered price, so praise the Lord for both of you guys! Blessings in the crud. hah.

Kristine said...

Kat, that is so great that your folks sold their house! Yay!

Marie, Yes, you do recognize that glass, unfortunately. Sniff.

Dani, yes, alive. :o) And I cannot wait for heaven! Really.

Kaish, sorry for writing a blogpost that offends your princessly senses. Get over it. It's our lives. ;o)

Wimsy Mei said...

dude...i'm over it. I could write a grosser one about barfing in the toilet but i won't.