Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Run, but I'm not a Runner

I think real runners love it. I'm just now starting to like it.

Real runners run to de-stress. Traditionally, the thought of running brought stress.

I think real runners have been running for years, not off and on for years.

Real runners run outside in cold weather.

Real runners set goals. I'm afraid to set goals.

Real runners run farther than me.

Real runners run faster than me.

All of that said, don't worry about me. I'm ok. My self-running-esteem isn't as low as it sounds. I impress myself regularly. Like yesterday. I ran over four and a half miles. And I loved it! I even loved it without my ipod (that I always forget). I decided to do a one way run. I get psyched out running a circle ... should I turn around now? Will I have enough energy to get back home from here? Instead, I ran until Collin got out of class and picked me up. I love cell phones.

I get a lot of my running inspiration from my brother-in-law. He just started running a few years ago. It's like he woke up one day and decided to run and he hasn't stopped. He's even gutsy enough to set goals. And then he exceeds them. And he runs early in the morning, when people should still be in bed. And he's not weird about it. I have to talk to myself about running. Sometimes I need to lecture myself into a run or trick myself into it. Sometimes I just hear myself tell the kids that I'm going on a run, which surprises me, and then I do what I heard myself say. I think Jack just does it. Like what's the big deal. He just runs. I want to be like Jack.


SRE said...

I'd totally go for running. If it didn't require moving my body. I hate moving. Yeah, other than that, running sounds great! Maybe they have a DS running game?

Renee B.

Brenda said...

ok, that is some CUTE background you've got yourself there. Nice work. And the shoes; nice picture. And the text; I TOTALLY hear you! You mentioned that he runs when other people should be sleeping... well, I am the one sleeping while he is out running in the morning. Would you believe I rarely ever hear him get up? Have to go now. It's my turn to run. Sigh...

Rambling Tart said...

Wow - I'm so impressed. :-) I can't run with my endometriosis, but I do love long walks/hikes and gaze wistfully at the people loping past me. :-)

marie said...

I pay myself to exercise. $1 ea. time. I've earned over $20. Pay yourself. It'll work until you're just like Jack. :)

Kristine said...

That's a GREAT idea. We could use the extra money! ;o)

Dani said...

Way to go my "I'm not a runner running friend". You are getting out there and that is great! So glad you have nice trails to run on now. Time to start climbing up the trails to my house for a run together. I can drive you home.

Through the Sea Glass said...

You have inspired me to run! I have wanted to, even bought new running shorts. So tomorrow morning I am going to run, before work! So excited now.