Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bad Day

I love the Daniel Powter song that plays on my blog these days. It is SO my life. I have bad days all the time. Really, honestly, day after day of bad days. As a matter of fact, I had a bad year. And the crazy thing is that a few of my closest friends have too. Bad day after bad day ... ending up with a stinking, bad year. But what do you do? All I can figure, in a functional way, is you just keep going. Get up, deal with one small crisis after another all day long, feed them dinner, and fall into bed.

That's all fine, doing the next thing and all. But what do you make of it? At the end of the day how do you interpret your life when it keeps stinking? God is mad at you? He's not good? You aren't doing enough? Try harder? Pray more? Or maybe God plays favorites and you're not one of them. Better yet, maybe its nothing to do with you or God, maybe the people around you are a bunch of ... well, icky people out to ruin you life.

Or what if it's none of that? What if God loves you more than you can even imagine? What if He has an eternal smile fixed on you and nothing can ever change that? Maybe you live in a more sin-filled world than you can ever know and it spills out onto you in the most painful ways. Maybe He's rescuing you in ways you can't glimpse or even imagine. What if He's doing something on a level you can't catch sight of, yet He's picked you to be in on it?
Noticed. Chosen. Named. Protected. Held. Adored.

Just hold tight. He's got your back.


Through the Sea Glass said...

Ah, tough. I know what you are talking about but your last bit of words says it all. Love you, wish we could exchange hugs.

Brenda said...

This is great Kristine... I love the last paragraph. I can't tell you how many times I've gone through something, wondering what the purpose or reason was behind it. Sometimes I get to know (it's usually much later) and sometimes I still don't know the reason.

Keep in mind what you wrote on your last post: .21. I'm over the past and excited about the future.

A fresh start. A turn of a leaf. Taking opportunity at the crossroads. I know you and Brett are all over this... and I see the joy in your hearts. It's in there, I know it is!

Kristine said...

Exactly, Brenda! You totally have it right. I wrote that whole post with a *subtle* smile on my face. I am ok with my last year ... and I AM excited about the future ... even if it's full of bad days too! The Lord has done huge things. Hugs!

Leslie said...

Kristine, I so understand. That's why I keep a list of my thinking verses God's promises.
It' impossible vs All things are possible with God Luck 18:27
I can't go on vs My grace is sufficient 2 Corinthians 12:9, Psalm 91:15
It's not worth it vs It will be worth it Romans 8:18
I can't manage vs I will supply all your needs Philippians 4:19
and more. Thank you God for your promises.

Dax said...

Everybody should read this... wonderful theology... because it is so true that we really hurt and God really loves us so much more than we know... yea!

lizziemarie said...

mmm yes. i got a helping of that myself... you totally articulated it. Hang in there! Hugs!