Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bringin' It Home

Six ribbons. The girl walked in the door after practice yesterday with SIX ribbons, all earned at her last swim meet! She swam in Anacortes last weekend at the January Challenge. She swam six events and two relays. She was amazing!! So, for those who love the details, here they are:

Gold qualifying time in the 50 Free!! We are still trying to figure out how the whole swimming-as-a-sport thing works, but for now I know that there are certain meets that you are only allowed to swim in if you have a " PNS qualifying time", which until now she hasn't had. Her old time was 32.18 and her new time is 30.57! To take a second and a half off a thirty second race is GREAT! She actually won two ribbons for this one race. The second was an overall 8th place in her age group ribbon. She swam against 41 girls in that race.

Silver qualifying time in the 100 yard breaststroke! Her old time was 1.42.15, her new time was 1:29.89. Over 12 seconds off her time!

Two sixth place ribbons! One in a 200 yard medley relay. She swam anchor for this relay. Their time was 2:15.93. It's a privilege to be picked for relays! And she got sixth in the 100 yard individual medley. Her old time was 1:27.90, her new was 1:21.47. In a medley she swims all four strokes in a certain order.

Fourth place ribbon in 50 butterfly! Her old time was 39.50, her new time was 35.66! Fourth place swimming against 28 girls ages 13 to 17 years old!! Sometimes she was competing against just 13 and 14 year olds, but sometimes against girls up to age 17. This race isn't a race in qualifying meets.

My mom took Alissa to the meet on Saturday. Go, grandma! And she rode with a friend on Sunday, so we didn't actually get to see her swim any of this! So sad. But she has another meet the first weekend in February that I cannot wait for!!

Also, she received good feedback from her coach after the meet. Something about having a lot of "raw talent" and great potential. We're so proud of her! Way to bring it home, Lis!


Uncle Jack said...

Way to go 'Liss the Fish! The Olympia crew is proud of you!!

Wimsy Mei said...

Sweetness lil sista! Good job!